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Junior Instructor Program

The Junior Instructor Program is also referred to as Green Stripe. Students who would like to be considered for the Junior Instructor program must meet certain requirements in order to test for Green Stripe. When they pass testing, they will take on new responsibilities within the karate school. The following are the requirements and responsibilities for Green Stripe candidates.

Requirements to Test for Green Stripe

  • You must be a 1st Degree Decided Black Belt or higher.
  • You must exhibit self discipline, respect,and maturity at all times in the karate school as well as at school and at home.
  • You must be enthusiastic and have a passion for helping others.
  • You must be proficient in your current and previous material and attend classes consistently.
  • You must attend the Junior Instructor Trainee classes.
  • You must have full knowledge of the Kids White, Yellow, and Orange belt material and be proficient with previous Maududo combinations and applications.
  • You must be able to recite the Student Creed.

Responsibilities of Junior Instructors

  • Setting an awesome example at all times for other students...neat uniform, follow all school rules, answer loudly and respectfully in class, be a leader.
  • Greet all new students.
  • Encourage all students.
  • Assist in a class each week (please let us know when you can't be at your assigned class).
  • Politely help students line up for class.
  • Take attendance cards to the front counter.
  • Place initialed attendance cards in the proper boxes when they are ready.
  • Attend and assist at Kids Rank Advancements/Graduations.

Green Stripes are Permitted To:

  • Bow in and bow out a class with permission from the Lead Instructor.
  • Lead warm ups with permission from the Lead Instructor.
  • Assist Lead Instructor in children's White - 1R classes.
  • Teach weapons to 1D Kids with permission from Lead Instructor.
  • Give tips with permission from Lead Instructor. (only after passing Green Stripe testing)
  • Be a "Good Finder" to let the students know what they are doing correctly.

Green Stripes are NOT Permitted To:

  • Teach Kids, Teens or Adults without permission from the Owners.
  • Lead an entire class.
  • Teach alone (except warm ups).
  • Critique a student's technique without the student first asking.
  • Correct another students behavior.