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At Martial Arts America, we not only teach martial arts skills, but life skills. Once our students begin the Maududo form, they are learning martial arts techniques that will help them in life, but also character qualities that will be invaluable. Each level of the Maududo form covers a different set of techniques as described below.

  • Three Circles - The three ranges of self defense
    Quality: Courtesy - saying please and thank you.
  • The Fourth Circle - The grappling range of self defense
    Quality: Humility - Quiet Confidence
  • Deadly Force - Defense against knife attacks
    Quality: Gratitude - Being Thankful
  • Legal Weapons - Using whatever is at hand for self defense
    Quality: Courage - Taking positive action in spite of fear
  • Foundation - Sweeping people off their feet
    Quality: Tolerance - Allowing for others' differences
  • Dragon's Touch - Using pressure points for self defense
    Quality: Empathy - Understanding another person's thoughts or feelings
  • Leverage - Throwing an opponent
    Quality: Loyalty - Being faithful to a cause or idea
  • Terrain - Ground fighting techniques
    Quality: Students create their own quality and meaning
  • Red Hand - Developing internal energy
    Quality: Love - students create their own meaning
  • Meijing Gate - A passage into expertise and mastery of an art far beyond the boundaries of physical prowess